The Dangers Of Nicotine In Cigarettes For Health

The Dangers Of Nicotine In Cigarettes For Health - Most smokers do not care about the dangers of nicotine in cigarettes for health. Nicotine is one of the toxic substances. Nicotine that enters the body will experience metabolism in the kidneys. As a soluble substance in water, nicotine will be removed through the liver and can come out together with urine. Most of the nicotine is removed from the body through the urine. A cigarette containing 1-3 milligrams of nicotine takes about 6 to 8 hours to be removed from the body.

The Dangers Of Nicotine In Cigarettes For Health

Two of the worst effects of nicotine

1. Cancer
Nicotine can increase the risk of cancer. This happens because nicotine works against the immune system. A weak immune system triggers the emergence of cancer cells that continue to grow and difficult to stop. In addition nicotine will also damage the body's DNA where this process will damage the healthy cell regulatory system and cause acceleration of cell damage. Abnormal cell growth leads to tumor formation and cancer. The biggest type of cancer found in smokers is lung cancer, but cigarettes will also increase some other cancer risk. Some cancers that can be caused by nicotine are blood cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer and throat stem.

2. Heart Disease
There are several types of heart disease to be one of the risks that are ready to wait for the cigarette addicts. This process is also strongly associated with the flow of nicotine that continues to accumulate in the blood which then causes the blood vessels become narrow. The heart works to pump blood to all parts of the body, but if the blood flow received becomes so small then the heart will also work hard. This process will make smokers can get heart disease. Another risk of heart disease is stroke.

Easy Detoxifications

1. Stop smoking
By consistently stop smoking, the nicotine in the body will be reduced slowly through the time. To ensure your stop-smoking program, you should also avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee, sugary drinks, and alcohol. Caffeine leads you back to the addiction of nicotine again.
This particular activity may leads to the unwell-feeling. It is normal due to the normalization of the body function. Bad temper and dizziness are the most common effect during the process. 

2. Drink water
At a minimum, we should drink eight glasses of water each day to meet the needs of body fluids. With a lot of body fluids, the body can do detoxification or the process of removing toxins like nicotine more easily. With plenty of water, the toxin like nicotine can easily be wasted through urine.

3. Healthy food
Eat foods that contain electrolytes. Electrolytes are good things in nicotine detoxification. Celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, sweet potatoes, and the green beans contain electrolyte in various number that can help you to eliminate the levels of nicotine in your body.
Besides fruits, vegetables contain fiber can also help detoxify nicotine in the body. To get the best results of the detoxification process of the dangers of nicotine in cigarettes for health, we can start getting enough sleep and exercise.

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